Every time I go abroad, I need attention to bad public security.

Every time I go abroad, I need attention to bad public security. There may not be a country that is safer and easier to live as in Japan. Wearing brand clothes, walking or drinking raw water Is not it just a country like us? Public security in Sao Paulo metropolitan area in Brazil seems to be a more severe situation due to recent economic downturn. It is said that there is a handgun robbery when waiting for a signal by car or in a traffic jam. Especially tourists are often aimed at, and from where I got off the airport, I was already marked. It seems that there are times you may be attacked where you have arrived at your destination by taxi. I am afraid because I am flying from the airport and aiming. Because a handgun is used in most cases of robbery, please do not resist when you are injured in the unlikely event. If you try to put out money in a hurry please misunderstand weapons so please settle down slowly. It is dangerous to look at the face of the criminal carefully. But if I am in such a scene I wonder if it is impossible to say that I am calm. Traveling overseas anywhere Traveling with a tour is recommended as traveling is more targeted. It seems that the probability of meeting a robber in a short-term tour traveler is rather low. I can not enjoy traveling even if I am too careful of it, so maybe it's okay to put it in my head if I have something like this.

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